The Manna Program is not new to St. Denis, but many may not fully understand how it works. Manna involves purchasing gift cards from a wide variety of locally and nationally known retailers at face value through St. Denis. Each retailer in turn offers a rebate for each card purchased by you. The rebates of the Manna cards you purchase are then designated for use by St. Denis Parish and/or St. Denis Religious Education. Put your everyday shopping dollars to work as you contribute to St. Denis! It may not seem like much, but it adds up over time. Consider purchasing Manna gift cards for your groceries, gasoline, clothing, entertainment and house-hold goods.


Our Director of Vicariate Operations has relayed that the number one reason people don’t give to a charity is because they were never asked. Vicariate V parishes have received over $1 million in bequest checks in the past six months.

Please consider including St. Denis Church in your estate plans. If you wish to generously remember St. Denis Church in your will, ensuring its growth and vitality for years to come, you may include the following general statement: I give (the sum of $____)* to St. Denis Church, located in Chicago, Illinois. * (You may also give a percentage of your estate, or a specific asset.)

Please contact Fr Ted Ostrowski at 773-434-3313 or Brendan Keating, Sr. Director of Planned Giving at 312-534-5271 or bkeating@archchicago.org for more information.

For further questions on any of these programs, feel free to contact the rectory at (773) 434-3313.
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