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Except as noted below, St. Denis Church does not share or distribute any information it receives on users of this site except as used by the information technology department of St. Denis for the betterment of the site. Specific information provided by users of this site, such as the user’s name, e-mail address, and other solicited information is used by St. Denis only for the purpose for which it was solicited. St. Denis does not sell information provided by users of this site.

St. Denis Church will respond to requests that your information be deleted from any list on which you have submitted your information within a reasonable period of time.

St. Denis may disclose information provided by users of this site if such action is necessary for legal reasons or to protect against the abuse of people or property. St. Denis Church will act on its own initiative to prevent the misuse of this website for illegal or inappropriate reasons and will contact law enforcement officials if necessary to protect administrators and users of this website.

St. Denis will post the images of only those who have signed or had their legal parent/guardian sign a media photography permission form. 

St. Denis reserves the right to amend or rewrite its Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice.

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